A white (faranje) adoptive mother to two Ethiopian (habesha) girls wends her way through
Exotic Ethiopian Cooking by D. J. Mesfin

Friday, June 11, 2010


"our" beach at the Cape (it's a public beach, but we like to pretend it's ours )

So things ended up getting a little crazy around here and I have dropped the proverbial ball.  Alas, I am no Julie Powell.  She didn't have to contend with things like business trips and The Ethiopians' third birthday, their well-child doctor's visit, their first visit to the dentist, and boning up on defensive and offensive maneuvers in the quest to get spots in swimming lessons and drop-off day camp.  It's cutthroat here.  I've heard stories of mothers starting to arrive in the parking lot at like 2:30 a.m., glaring at each other through windshields, daring the others to make the first move.  Not me.  I like my sleep too much.  Yet, I still got all the days in day camp that I wanted!  All while one of The Ethiopians hung from my leg, loudly crying "but I don't WANT to go to day camp, it's yucky" (the person at the desk registering us seemed largely unfazed, fortunately).  However, swim lessons is another story entirely and that sign-up isn't until tomorrow.  We don't always get into swim lessons because I just can't take seriously the mental and physical training necessary to ensure successful registration.  

Anyway, I figured I was going to have to take an informal sabbatical after Memorial Day, as our summers are insane, from Memorial Day to Labor Day: here for a week, there for a week, somewhere else for another week, on my dad's boat for a few days, catching a few tunes for a few more days, preschool orientation, spending time with family here and here and here (eventually ending up either here or here) and maybe here.  All while slogging through the summer reading list for preschool; juggling day camp, swimming lessons, toddler baseball (we're looking forward to the sheer entertainment value this promises to present), and other myriad activities; and just enjoying the summer with the girls before they start preschool in the fall.  Unfortunately, the insanity started a bit early this year.  

That's not to say that I'm not going to be doing nothing entirely in terms of Ethiopian cookery (I have some things on the burner that require some nice hot, sunny days for drying things and I'm seriously considering buying this with my birthday money), but I'm going to officially release myself from expectations.  If I manage to make something over the summer, I'll report it on here!

Have a great summer and I promise to be back at it in the fall!  


  1. Absolutely! Just enjoy the summer with the girls and their "yucky" summer camp. Reading your post I realize just how dramatically our schedules are going to change once we bring our siblings home...yikes! =0

  2. Hi Sheila!

    I was feeling bad that I hadn't checked your blog in so long - busy ourselves with the boys finishing 3rd and Kindergarten - and happy to check in and see how busy you have been and will be in the coming months. :-) If you do choose Watch Hill as a destination be sure to get in touch with us.

    Eugenie in Westerly, RI
    Mom to Bereket (9) & Tsegaye (6)